solar pv

The Solar PV market has matured so that doing the right thing no longer comes with an extra cost. In fact, you can cut your home or business energy bills and decrease your exposure to the risk of ever-increasing energy bills. With a properly designed PV system, you can be sure that your installation will reduce your footprint. Whether you require our services for home, business or agricultural use get in touch for a free consultation.

battery storage

Thanks to Tesla PowerWall leading the way there are a number of effective battery solutions on the market today, all designed to capture your excess daytime solar so that you can use it when the sun goes down.

We are the first company in the UK to install the Sonnen 3 phase battery in a business environment. We were also one of the first to retrofit the highly efficient SOLARWATT DC system to an existing PV array. Our battery systems come in many sizes to match your needs and energy demands.  In addition to saving you money in grid electricity, it also enables you to maximise the investment in your solar PV system speeding up its return on investment.

electric vehicle charging

With increasing demand, confusing government subsidies, and a number of different options commissioning your EV charging solution is a minefield. Let our experienced team talk through your requirements to ensure your EV charging solution will work for your lifestyle or business needs regardless of if it’s installed from the grid, roof or car port.

EV Car ports are a beautiful solution to ensure that charging your electric car from solar energy happens conveniently.

solar thermal

Solar thermal panels, sometimes referred to as thermal collectors are simply, a mixture of water and antifreeze encapsulated within pipework. When the sun heats up the water within the pipes, this is then used to warm a water tank within a property.