residential solar array

Darren, Ealing (5-bed semi detached house) – 9 x LG 335 panels, plus Enphase micro-inverters.

It had taken us three attempts to find a solar installer who could install panels on the flat roof of our loft extension. We’re so glad we found EcoEnergy Environment, the installation was painless and the panels have since outperformed their predictions!

Darren loves the fact he now has 9 solar panels on his roof, each being optimised by their own micro-inverter meaning there’s never any problem with shading from his chimney stack.

One of the best aspects of this installation is that there is very little impact on the inside of the house. The panels are weighted down on the flat roof, there’s one cable to the meter cupboard, a new generation meter is installed beside the existing smart meter and a black box connecting it all to the internet.

This black box allows Darren to check via his app how much energy his panels are generating in realtime and even decide when to run energy-hungry appliances such as cooker and washing machines.

Since the installation in March 2019 the panels have already generated over 4MWh’s of electricity (as of July 2020) generating a feed-in tariff and also an export tariff too.

Now here comes the clever bit!

Darren was keen to go fossil fuel-free whenever possible so EcoEnergy Environment hooked up a MyEnergy Eddi inside the airing cupboard.

The Eddi works by analysing energy use within the house and as it detects excess energy being generated by the solar panels it sends it to the immersion heater in the water tank. The Eddi is a simple sturdy panel that sits out of sight in the airing cupboard busily going about its job of providing free heating to the hot water tank.

Darren (and his family) are very excited because this means that in the summer month he receives piping hot water for free without having to rely on his gas boiler.

Not only is Darren saving money on both his electricity and gas bills he’s dramatically decreasing his use of fossil fuels too.








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